Engine Building Educational Links

Thanks to grumpyvette from Chevy Talk for most of these links. 


Example Builds - 350
Example Builds - 305
Example Builds - 383
Engine/Machine Shop Services
Piston and Rings
Oil and Oil System

Example Builds - 350

Miserly Mouse - 390hp on 87 octane and 355 CID
Edelbrock - Building a Bowtie 420 HP Package
The Goodwrench 350 Quest - 8 part series - part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Chevy Talk - 350 SBC with 882 heads
Chevy Mania dynos
Ryan's SBC engine combos - 100+ combos
Camaro World - Project Z28

Example Builds - 305

Hot Rod Magazine builds a 400hp 305
RHS builds an emissions-legal 290hp 305
325HP 305 Camaro Buildup
Lunati's 343 hp 305 Build-up

Example Builds - 383

Edelbrock Chevy 383 CID Performer/RPM Power Package - 425HP and 437 torque
Chevy Mania - 383 stroker

Engine/Machine Shop Services

Align honing
Looking for Leakers (crack detection technology), Larry Carley
All about Engine Balancing
Static balancing - engine balancing for the DIY'er


Chevy Engine Specifications
FUELISH TENDENCIES ... How To Set Up Your Fuel System Correctly - lots of good diagrams here about fuel system setup
RPM Calculator
MPH Calculator
Torque vs. Horsepower
Another Torque vs. Horsepower article
Compression Ratio Simulator
Speed-o-Motive Engine Building Tips
How to stroke any engine


Standard Abrasive - Engine Block Preparation for the Do-It-Yourselfer


Do-it-yourself head porting
Standard Abrasives - Do-it-yourself head porting
Porting For Performance The Science of Horsepower, Larry Carley
The Science of Horsepower: Porting & Matching Heads & Manifolds, Larry Carley
Porting & polishing the 305 Cylinder Heads
Dynamic Compression Ratio
Hot Rod - Talking Heads - page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Circle Track - Swirl Power - page 1 2 3 4 5
Hot Rod - Rebuilding Cylinder Heads The Right Way


Degreeing a camshaft
Hotrodder.com - degreeing a camshaft
Camshaft lob phasing - nice diagrams
Speedcrafter - Camshafts - very informative and really nice diagrams
Lobe Centreline Angles by David Vizard
Misunderstood Camshaft Ideas
Crane Cams - Reasons and causes for cam failure
Flat to Roll
Crane Cams - adjusting the valve train
Crane Cams - degreeing a camshaft
Valve adjustment procedure .. the correct way
Valve lash adjustment procedures
Chevytalk - Cam Selection by Mike Drew
Chevytalk - Cam Theory 101
VALVETRAINS: Better Materials & Design, Larry Carley
Rocker arm geometry
Calculating overlap
Cam basics
Cam Truth by Buddy Rawls, 8/2000
Lunati Camshaft Technical Information - really good information about cams in general
Choosing Performance Camshafts by Scooter Brothers

Pistons and Piston Rings

KB - Piston terminology - really good picture/diagram here
KB - Hypereutectic -vs- Forged Pistons
How do rings works?
Piston Rings: What should I get? by Paul Carter
Piston ring technology- sophistication or necessity
Lapping piston rings
Hastings Service Tips for Automotive Mechanics - piston rings - lots of good stuff here
Piston ring installation
Survival of the Fittest Piston and Rings - nice diagrams here
Lunati piston and ring technical information - more diagrams
Hastings - checking compression ring gaps
Piston ring filer

Oil and Oil System

Common misconceptions on oil systems
Engine oil filter study
More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Motor Oil
Engine oils - what you need to know
An Excerpt from a SAE Oil Filter Test
High Volume Pumps, Advantages, Myths & Fables
Engine Oiling Systems: Pressure vs. Flow
Diagnosing Oil Pressure Problems, Larry Carley


Intake Manifold Comments
Port Area & Shape Analysis
Airflow and the Internal Combustion Engine - lecture in PDF


Header theory


Crankshaft Deflection - The Invisible Enemy
The Truth about Torsional Vibration
Fluidampr - How It Works
Hot Rod - Do-it-yourself Crankshaft Prep


Your Vehicle's Ignition System and Timing Settings
Tuning With A Vacuum Gauge ... And What It Tells You
What Exactly Is Ignition Timing?
HEI Tuning Secrets
Changing the Advance Curve on HEI Distributors